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Technical Specifications

The technical report’s purpose is to properly examine the solution’s whole scope. We produced this report in accordance with the criteria necessary to accomplish the objectives specified. The technical parts of the project have been detailed by OpenWord’s world-class team, who drew on their previous project expertise, significant understanding of blockchain technology implementation, and middleware solution development.

Our team is strengthened by our emphasis on information transfer, thought leadership, and the use of blockchain technology. The paper details the procedure for implementing and deploying the whole application, as well as the strategy and other technologies necessary. This blockchain-based social media network enables users to share their views and other textual material through NFTs that may be advertised for sale on the marketplace.

Additionally, users may interact with the material of other authors by upvoting or downvoting to convey their thoughts. The program will prioritise privacy, since all transactions and data will be fully anonymous – the only way to identify a user would be via their public crypto wallet ID.

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