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Lack of Transparency

Content creators on Web2 platforms receive ad monetisation (and subsequently, fame) based on the number of views, likes, or shares their posts receive. To determine the effectiveness of their material, producers must examine the charts and figures offered on the front end. However, the content creators and other users are unable to verify the accuracy of these numbers as the platform does not provide transparent access to the back-end results of the algorithm. Therefore, it is possible that the platform may be displaying lower numbers so that they have to pay the content creators less and keep more of the revenue for themselves. In addition, the analytics on two distinct platforms sometimes differ, making it difficult for content creators to comprehend and make sense of the data provided.

Massive click farms with hundreds or even thousands of workers in a single place may rapidly increase the views, followers, or likes on almost any social media account. Cybersecurity company Cheq postulates that marketers squandered an estimated $1.3 billion in 2019 on advertising and sponsored posts that were exposed to bots and phony accounts. The fraudulent involvement adds an element of fakery to the world of influencers, which is worth noting the next time you read through the glamorous lifestyles of social media superstars.

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