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Limited Visibility and Recognition for Newcomers

Web2 social media platforms have provided a forum for all content creators to display their work and share it with the world. Nonetheless, posts on the current platforms tend to get buried in the steady stream of continuous posts by various other users — older posts get lost in users’ feeds and are soon forgotten. Posts from well-known authors and professional content creators naturally get a lot of attention because of their already-established reputation. As their content gets reshared multiple times, these established content creators manage to stay relevant for longer, increasing their revenue and popularity.

On the other hand, newer content creators lack the level of popularity necessary to have their posts shared repeatedly and stay relevant. No matter how good their work might be, it gets buried in users’ feeds and does not get the revenue or fame it deserves. Even though Web2 social media sites provide them with the ability to publish their work, new content creators do not have a fair chance of achieving success since there are many farmed accounts on these platforms that are promoting unrelated material for financial gains.

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