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DApp Front-End

This project will build and launch a modular client application with an intuitive user interface that the end-user will use to interact with the rest of the application. It will communicate with the smart contract that has been put on the Ethereum blockchain, either directly or indirectly. Direct communication with the blockchain will be accomplished via the usage of libraries such as web3Js and etherJS.

  • Users may log into the application by using a wallet provider like Metamask or Wallet Connect. No personal/contact details, such as the user’s email address or mobile number, will be requested so that the privacy of each user within the application is respected.
  • The dApp front end will be written in ReactJS with some other packages and libraries like web3Js, etherJS, morralis, etc. to communicate with token, NFT, and marketplace contracts deployed on Ethereum.
  • This application will be deployed onto the Amazon s3 bucket which will be backed by the Amazon Cloudfront, Amazon Cert Manager, and Route53.
  • Cloudfront will help the dApp to become available across the globe and accessed quickly based upon the user’s geolocation.
  • Cert Manager will provide secure communication between the server and client using SSL.

You can refer to the images below for more information:

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