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The Creative Problem

Social media has provided a platform for creative individuals to share their ideas through text, images, and videos. Nonetheless, many of these platforms also censor uploaded content, thereby constraining the creator’s freedom of expression and limiting their creative potential. White noise content predominates on popular social media platforms, where we have a large number of farmed accounts.

Since the present social media platforms are so vast, many outstanding creative minds do not get the attention they deserve for their contributions. Even if a post goes “viral”, the content creator only draws satisfaction from seeing the number of likes and shares increasing. The revenue from all posts goes to the platform, and the creator’s fame fades away just as quickly as it started.

The ability to express oneself freely and obtain real-world creative appreciation in the form of revenue returns would provide content producers with a better chance of maintaining their popularity by generating and sharing even more unique material.

OpenWord aims to leverage the innovation brought by Web3 and blockchain technology to ensure transparency between the platform and its users so that every content creator can earn the fame and revenue they deserve based on the quality of their work alone. Furthermore, the platform eliminates censorship completely, allowing all content creators to express themselves openly through freedom of speech.

However, while the platform itself does not censor content, other platform users have a major role in moderating what content stays relevant or loses visibility. This moderation is achieved through an upvote and downvote system, which will be explained in later sections of this whitepaper.

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