Empower your words in a decentralized universe, where every story holds true value.

OpenWord is poised to emerge as a premier Web3 platform. It’s dedicated to not only ensuring equitable compensation for all forms of textual content — from poetry and analytical prose to recipes and political discourse — but also to staunchly upholding the fundamental principle of freedom of speech for every content creator, irrespective of their background or expertise.

Each post you will be uploading to OpenWord is converted into an NFT and put up for sale.

When your NFT is sold, you will receive a majority of the proceeds, reflecting the true value of your content.

Our vision is fully described within our white paper. Click here to check it out.

Key Features of the OpenWord platform

Power of NFTs

Text posts are converted into NFTs that are unique and inimitable, so that no one can use or resell that content without the owner’s knowledge.

Blockchain Technology

An accessible but unchangeable record of all transactions is maintained using blockchain technology, so that content creators are aware of their posts’ performance.

Content Creator Recognition

Through the sale of NFTs, a content creator can earn fair returns, which will lend objective credibility to their skill.

Whether individuals choose to save or trade NFTs, the original creators will continue to remain relevant and recognised as writers.

Humour and Freedom of Speech

OpenWord users can write text posts about any topic of their choice, without letting political correctness stand in the way of humour. NorthPark does not censor any content — the upvotes and downvotes of the platform’s users determine a post’s validity and value.

What can I do on OpenWord?

Post Content

You can upload original text-based posts, which will be converted into NFTs and sold to generate fair revenue.

Express Sentiment

If you have access to OpenWord (with a Web3 wallet), you can upvote and downvote posts. Votes determine the objective quality of the content and the value of its NFT.

Highlight Posts

You can use NorthPark tokens on the platform to have your posts featured or highlighted for better visibility.

Purchase NFTs

If you have access to OpenWord (with a Web3 wallet), you can buy NFTs using ETH (Ethereum) or the NorthPark tokens. Once purchased, you can store NFTs as collectibles or sell them to other users.

Earn Rewards

As an early supporter of the platform by purchasing North Park Club NFTs, you will be entitled to rewards like unlimited free posting access and NorthPark token airdrops.