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According to their interests and previous interaction, each post made by a user will be visible in other users’ feeds once they have been published. In order to attain high accuracy in this area, a specific algorithm will be built. As an added bonus, this algorithm will pre-sort articles into categories according to the tags selected by the author at the time of publishing. There may be a maximum of 2-3 tags per post, which will aid in assisting other users in finding and following material based on categories such as poetry, quotations, short tales, write-ups, and so on.

Upvoting or downvoting a given post will be limited to a single instance per user, and the action will be logged to the blockchain using the user’s public wallet address as a reference.

Apart from upvoting or downvoting, users can tip content creators or offer donations as a sign of appreciation for any of their posts. The tip/donation will be paid in native tokens from the user’s wallet directly to the post owner.

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