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Platform summary

OpenWord is a blockchain-based social media platform facilitating a medium of free artistic expression, allowing users to post their text content in the form of NFT tokens. Currently, OpenWord is supported by the Ethereum blockchain, but the platform has future plans of adding support for other blockchains like Polygon, Solana, and BSC, with lower gas fees and a reduced environmental impact (in terms of electricity used while minting NFTs.)

In the feed area of the application, the material that is shared on OpenWord will be visible by other platform users. Users can engage with the post by upvoting or downvoting it. Creators can also list their posts (aka NFT tokens) for sale so that they can be purchased and generate returns in the form of revenue. Furthermore, creators have the opportunity to advertise their posts to get more engagement on their posts.

Due to the fact that all of these transactions will occur on the blockchain, the transaction history will be preserved and made publicly accessible, allowing users to ascertain the prior owner of the NFT and other facts.

The end-user is required to use a wallet provider like Metamask or Wallet Connect to log in to the application. No username/password-based authentication will be implemented for authentication to enhance the level of privacy. No personal/contract details will be requested by the application so that the whole interaction is more private and anonymous. The session will be terminated upon disconnecting from the wallet, and no data will be saved on the server.

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