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Cloud Considerations

The whole application will be deployed within a private virtual cloud to provide maximum security and a tamper-proof virtual setting. A load balancer or application gateway will be set up in a networking layer with a public endpoint that the end-user can access. This will represent the users’ single point of application access, thus keeping the application safe and secure.

Any metadata pertaining to NFTs will be uploaded to a public/private IPFS and disseminated across all nodes to make it extremely accessible worldwide.

For efficient and effective performance, each of the assets like posts and metadata will be stored in an off-chain database. Off-chain and on-chain will always be in sync to help create a better user experience for the whole application and enable smooth disaster recovery.

More than one instance of each application will be running to achieve the non-functional requirements like high availability, scalability, and low latency. Moreover, an application-level load balancer will be used to balance the load/traffic among these instances.

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