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From NFTs to marketplace

NorthPark, an NFT collection that serves as a starting point for the OpenWork.io web3 platform, will be offering 12,999 NFTs for minting on the website, some of which will be available to users through pre-launch giveaways.

The NorthPark NFTs will also be available for purchase directly from the presale or via an intermediary such as a market. Once purchased, the NorthPark NFTs will appear in the user’s “owned NFTs” section.

These NFTs can be integrated with the OpenWord application, and are useful to their buyers in multiple ways:

  • Users who have purchased or owned these NorthPark NFTs will be eligible to receive incentives in the form of custom tokens whenever a transaction between two users occurs in the marketplace. The reward or specific number of tokens will be added to a pool, which will be maintained by the application team itself and distributed among the users who own these minted NFTs.
  • All users, except those who purchased pre-minted NFTs earlier, will be restricted to posting a limited number of posts per day. Upon reaching that limit, they will have to pay to continue posting. Owners of pre-minted NFTs will not be subject to any such posting restrictions and will be able to submit as many posts as they wish at no additional charge.

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