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Types of NFT Marketplaces

There are many NFT marketplaces in existence. However, not one NFT marketplace is suitable for every objective. Thus, depending on the niche and specific focus, certain NFT marketplaces may or may not suit your purpose. Here are some of the popular NFT marketplaces:


This is the largest NFT marketplace in existence currently. Naturally, most NFT traders make use of OpenSea. The platform supports more than 150 different payment tokens, so it appeals to traders who require payment flexibility. On OpenSea, you can find NFTs such as artwork, sports collectibles, trading cards, and domain names.


This is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that collaborates with a few reputable NFT artists. SuperRare is a great platform for collecting very exclusive digital art pieces. Unlike many other marketplaces, it has strict vetting and approval processes for listing any digital artwork.


Rarible is a community-owned decentralized NFT marketplace that offers various NFT options. A distinctive quality of this platform is that it has a user-friendly interface that makes for easy use. Rarible supports three blockchain networks: Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos.

Nifty Gateway:

This platform is usually referred to as the NFT marketplace for elites. This is because it is famous for selling artworks of some of the most popular NFT artists like Beeple and Grimes. Nifty Gateway charges a 15% commission on NFT sales. However, it has one of the toughest verification processes for artists. This way, the platform ensures the authenticity of works. In addition, this process makes it less likely for scams to occur on the platform.

NBA Top Shot:

This is an NFT marketplace suitable for gamers and NBA fans looking to trade NFTs of basketball moments. These NFTs are usually in the form of short video clips. The platform is built on the Flow blockchain and charges a 5% transaction fee.

Axie Infinity:

This is a popular gaming-focused NFT marketplace. Unlike the other platforms on this list, this marketplace focuses on in-game collectibles for the Axie Infinity game. On the Axie Infinity marketplace, players can create, buy and sell Axies, entire lands, as well as other items that are useful within the game.

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