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NFTs in Ticketing

There is no doubt that the art of ticketing has evolved over the years. Digital ticketing has recently been adopted by many artists. However, NFTs are set to make ticketing even more profitable.

Whether it is the sale of tickets for a music concert or an art exhibition, the integration of NFTs is set to offer buyers benefits like exclusive access, personal encounters with artists, personalized experiences, and even more food. Imagine buying a ticket to a Billie Eilish concert where you would have access to extra benefits like backstage time or guaranteed autographs. These are the potential advantages of minting tickets as NFTs. There have been some instances of the integration of NFTs into ticketing, especially for music producers and art creators.

In 2021, Kings of Leon released an NFT of their album, “When You See Yourself”. Alongside these album NFTs, the band partnered with YellowHeart to mint 18 exclusive golden tickets as NFTs. The catch was that persons who purchased these NFT tickets could claim four front-row seats to any concert organized by Kings of Leon. Also, Gary Vee, an American entrepreneur recently minted entrepreneurship conference tickets as NFTs. These NFTs are called VeeFriends. They grant users a three-year exclusive pass to entrepreneurship conferences that are called “VeeCons”. In 2021, Mark Cuban announced that NFTs might be used for ticketing at the Dallas Mavericks games.

Looking into the future, there is a probability that the concept of NFT ticketing will be adopted across many industries. There is also the possibility that buyers will start to see tickets as significant investments as opposed to mere passes.

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