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The Process of Creating an NFT on OpenSea

1. Create a Wallet

To mint an NFT on OpenSea, you would have to create a wallet. Unlike many crypto exchanges, the custody of NFTs on marketplaces is held personally by the users through wallets. In this case, the minting process starts by creating a wallet with MetaMask.

MetaMask has over 10 million users and is popularly used to register on NFT marketplaces. It takes the form of a browser extension or mobile application, and it is very important to download the correct MetaMask from its official website. Only four browsers are supported – Chrome, Firefox, Brave and Edge.

Of course, you can create other wallets like Trust Wallet and Coinbase Wallet. However, the process is typically similar.

MetaMask is supported by the Ethereum blockchain, which hosts the OpenSea platform. After creating your wallet, you would have to fund it with a suitable cryptocurrency. OpenSea is Ethereum-backed so the suitable token would be ETH.

1. Connect your Wallet to the OpenSea Platform

To create an NFT on OpenSea, you would be prompted to connect a wallet to your OpenSea account. This wallet would be used to store your NFTs, and the funds on it will also be used to pay the gas fees for the minting process. Connect your MetaMask wallet and proceed to the next prompt.

2. Upload your NFT

To properly kick-start the NFT creation, click the Create option on OpenSea. It is important to note that you can decide to mint multiple NFTs within a collection or create a single NFT. On OpenSea, you would likely be prompted to add your NFT to a collection. On other platforms, there are provisions for single NFTs to be minted. Upload the exact image you intend to mint as an NFT.

3.     Fill in the MetaData

The MetaData entails properties that distinguish your NFT from the others. It registers the specific pieces of information that each NFT represents. These properties include the name of the owner and the type of NFT. The Metadata cannot be unaltered immediately it is entered on the blockchain. The OpenSea platform provides a field for you to fill in the MetaData. After it is filled, the minting process can be concluded.

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