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Listing Your NFT

Listing an NFT you already own, whether minted or bought, is pretty straightforward. All you are required to do first is to choose the NFT in question from your profile and click ‘sell.’ At this point, you will have to choose the kind of listing you want. As mentioned earlier, this could be a fixed-price sale or a timed auction. You can also choose between an auction that sells to the highest bidder (English Auction) or an auction with a declining price (Dutch Auction).

While listing an NFT on OpenSea, paying attention to the blockchain you are using is essential as it could heavily impact the cost of sale. The popular chains on OpenSea are Ethereum and Polygon. Notably, Ethereum is characterized by generally expensive gas fees for transactions. On the other hand, people who use Polygon can create, buy or sell NFTs without gas fees.

When using the Ethereum chain, first-time sellers on OpenSea have to pay two one-time fees in addition to the recurring transaction fees. These fees are not fixed and can fluctuate based on demand and supply. It is also worth noting that the minting fees are separate from OpenSea’s 2.5% cut on transactions

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