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Cancel Culture & Digital Media: The Silent Erosion of Free Speech

Vintage printing press beside modern keyboard with cancelled speech bubble, representing the shift from traditional media freedom to contemporary challenges of cancel culture.

Cancel Culture and the Evolution of Media Freedom: From Press to Clicks The democratic right to freedom of speech, which once found its voice in ink and paper, is now ensnared in a digital web. Historically, traditional newspapers, lauded as the epitome of journalistic integrity, were the bastions of free expression. As we transitioned from […]

Social Media & Censorship – the Duality of our Current Digital World

Social media platforms have become a part of our everyday life. This kind of activity is critical for developing social ties and providing an outlet for open discussion on political and social issues. It may also help improve a variety of thought while increasing democratic involvement. On the other hand, abuse of expressing oneself may […]

Blockchain and Censorship


Blockchain and Censorship Achieving freedom of speech is a fundamental goal for any society. The ability to freely share ideas and information is essential not only for freedom but also for societal development. In some countries, it’s even a crime to share certain types of information that politicians or powerful businesses don’t want you to […]

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